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Dear Friends,

The April edition of our newsletter is devoted to Mobius friends and colleagues whose life's work is conflict resolution theory and practice as they seed dialogue in the world. We lift up these efforts to remind us of the long arc of peace. Since the start of 2017 Mobius has redoubled our collective efforts to serve the public sector and offer our expertise and services for the common good.

To celebrate those in our community and around the globe working to untangle complex, often long-standing troubles so many parts of the world are forced to face, we focus this month on inspiring thought-pieces from William Ury, Thomas Huebl, Adam Kahane and Erica Ariel Fox.  

  • William Ury is the co-founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation and the co-author of the world’s best selling book on negotiation, Getting to Yes. He is a friend, mentor and colleague to Mobius President Erica Ariel Fox and wrote the foreword to Erica’s book Winning from Within.
  • Thomas Huebl is a modern day mystical teacher who leads the Pocket Project, a global effort to heal collective and intergenerational trauma.
  • Adam Kahane was recently recognized by Nobel Peace Prize winner Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos who referred to a meeting he organized with Adam 20 years ago as, “one of the most significant events in the country’s search for peace.” We will celebrate the publication of Adam’s latest book, Collaborating with the Enemy, which is released the week of our June Summer Gathering.
  • Finally, Erica Ariel Fox, Mobius Co-Founder and President shares her latest piece from HBR on how we might better negotiate with ourselves.

We are honored Thomas, Adam and Erica are part of the exceptional faculty for this year’s Summer Gathering of the Next Practice Institute. To study with them and join the global community of leadership practitioners convening for a week of learning, renewal and friendship, there’s still time to register for the June event.

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 Looking forward to seeing many of you in June,




Negotiating and Healing Amidst Collective Trauma: Thought Leadership from NPI Faculty

This is a truly powerful and inspiring exchange between William Ury and Thomas Huebl that surfaces some of the essential elements required to break the cycles of collective violence. This month marks the 10 year anniversary of William’s initiative to bring people of different faiths and cultures together on a walking route through the Middle East known as the Abraham Path (watch TED Talk: The Walk from No to Yes). 

It’s wonderful to see some of our dearest colleagues and mentors coming together in this hour-long conversation.

  • The dialogue is hosted by Mobius Friend Nicholas Janni who has written for the Mobius Strip on mindfulness.  
  • William has mediated conflicts around the world including during the Cold War, the current troubles in the Middle East and in both Columbia and Venezuela.
  • In this video he talks with modern mystical teacher Thomas, who we’ve had the great honor of working closely with at Mobius. (Thomas will be conducting a day-long immersion into the mystical principles of transformation at this Summer’s Next Practice Institute.)
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 Talking Cannot Replace Fighting: Thought Leadership from NPI Faculty 

Adam Kahane, Director of Reos Partners, is the author of Solving Tough Problems, a best-seller of which Nelson Mandela said: “This breakthrough book addresses the central challenge of our time: finding a way to work together to solve problems we have created.”  We will be celebrating the launch of Adam’s latest book, Collaborating with the Enemy, together in June; published just in time for the Summer Gathering.  We’re delighted to share a sneak preview of the book in the Mobius Stripour journal where we feature new scholarship in the field of transformational leadership.  We are also thrilled to announce that Adam is hosting a morning workshop at the Summer Gathering on how to collaborate with people with whom we may hold deep disagreement.


When Your Toughest Conversations are the Ones You Have with Yourself: Thought Leadership from NPI Faculty

“Techniques you use for difficult conversations with others can also work when contesting with your own inner voice.”

Erica’s latest HBR article shares the tactics of successful leaders who know how to manage their own inner critics so that they may continue to bring their most centered and empowered selves to the job of leading others. In response to demand, Erica has joined the line-up of track leaders facilitating deep learning immersives at the Summer Gathering. There are now four tracks for participants to chose from: transformational consulting led by Robert Gass, team coaching led by Alexander Caillet, somatic leadership led by Jennifer Cohen, and Erica’s track on the hero’s journey. Adapted from Joseph Campbell’s classic into the Winning from Within methodology, this track is a deep dive into the power and mysteries of journeywork. Erica will explore how to use the gems of myth to liberate ourselves from limiting patterns and how leadership facilitators can follow the architecture of the hero’s journey to help people who seek transformational development.

HBR Article >



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